From upcoming EP, Beth McCarthy shares ultimate cathartic pop anthem ‘Friendship Bracelet’

The b-side to Beth McCarthy recent pop stunner ‘If You Loved Me Right’ is the witty and honest ‘Friendship Bracelet’. In her explorations of poorly used hearts, the London artist tackles the lesser talked about topic of friend fall-outs.

The luxurious layers of synth-pop simmer beneath the heartfelt lyrics that portray that half truthful message “I’m not bitter, I’m happy you’re happy, it’s just…” because clearly the pain is still there. Beth utilises that bittersweet mix to its full advantage throughout the sincere verses and then pop-rock chorus that’ll have you shouting “go ahead and burn my friendship bracelet” at the top fo your lungs!

‘Friendship Bracelet’ is the second single taken from Beth’s highly-anticipated upcoming EP, boasting production and co-writing credits from Sophie Ackroyd (Nina Nesbitt, Benjamin Francis Leftwich).

 “‘Friendship Bracelet’ expresses the petty and over-dramatic feelings that you experience when you lose your friend to a new relationship and in a way, is like a friend breakup anthem. 

I’m always unreasonably heartbroken when my friends get into new relationships because I suddenly have to share them with someone that they’re going to love more than me and the friendship will inevitably change. It’s also the worst thing EVER to be a third wheel so I wanted this song to encapsulate all those feelings of resentment, betrayal, sadness, and also the process of reminiscing on old times with that friend and almost grieving them as you know everything will be different now. 

My favourite lyric in the song is ‘we were growing old alone together, that’s what you wanted ’til you wanted something better’ as I feel like it fully represents that feeling of being left behind in a friendship and is a feeling I’ve experienced too many times!”

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