Listen to Finnegan Tui’s stunning, dark-folk debut single, ‘Once I’m Gone’

New Zealand born Finnegan Tui debuts his inaugural single, ‘Once I’m Gone’, a reflective and gently moving alt-folk masterpiece. A student of the prestigious Guildhall School of Music in London, Finnegan Tui’s is a talented new artist whose rich folk storytelling, filled with heartache, hope and promise, is set to take the world by storm; drawing listeners in with irresistibly melancholy guitar melodies and solemn, saccharine vocals.

Inspired by a violent desert storm in the Kalahari, ‘Once I’m Gone’ is an existential dread fuelled track which travels and hits the ear as a surprisingly comforting, dark-folk single that feels like sitting by a warm fire during a lightning storm.

Simplistic, sincere and heartwarming, ‘Once I’m Gone’ is a magical debut single from Finnegan Tui who perfectly captures the depths of human emotions and the psyche, dissecting those innermost thoughts and feelings with the utmost care and dignity. A beautifully written and thoughtfully composed track, ‘Once I’m Gone’ is elevated even further by the atmospheric sounds curated in collaboration with Academy-Award winning sound designer Niv Adir.

Finnegan Tui – ‘Once I’m Gone’


“Lying in the Kalahari Desert as the hail hammered holes in my tent, I found myself in the middle of a storm that changed my life and inspired this song. I wrote Once I’m Gone to translate this experience into sound. I grew up in New Zealand playing violin on top of a bus. I now live in London where I explore mixing my folk roots with experimental electronic sounds. It’s been an absolute blessing to work with Matt Lawrence, a Grammy Award-winning producer and Niv Adiri, an Academy Award-winning sound designer for this track.”

Finnegan Tui

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