juuku flips Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License’ into a hardcore electronic masterpiece

After the success of his debut EP via Moving Castle and the recent Porter Robinson flip, anonymous producer & sound bending mastermind, juuku is back with another bashful remix. This time taking on one of the most successful artists in the game right now, juuku decided to flip ‘Drivers License’ originally by Gen-Z giant Olivia Rodrigo.

Filled with off-kilter beats, pulsating synths and warped vocal lines, juuku’s flip of ‘Drivers License’ is a world away from the teen heartbreak anthem’s origin.

Introduced with a subtle build, the track progresses slowly with layers of sound being stacked upon Rodrigo’s original vocals. The one-minute mark sees the track pick up pace with the introduction of suspenseful, booming percussion amongst the ethereal, space-like sonics at the base, leading the way into an explosive beat drop flooded with a perfectly curated mish-mash of electronic sounds, accented by heavenly choral arrangements and Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic lyrics.

Listen to Olivia Rodrigo – Drivers Licence [juuku flip]

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