Anja Kotar is stuck in a loop in her latest lockdown single, ‘Movie’

California’s very own human ray of sunshine, Anja Kotar is back with her first musical tribute of 2021, the long awaited new single, ‘Movie’. This characteristically jovial release follows a brief hiatus from a pretty jam-packed year for the young singer-songwriter who has spent the last twelve months writing and curating her debut EP, Songs From Isolation. Despite Kotar still being in the relatively early stages of her music career, her EP is set to be an incredibly well received debut project judging from the reception of previous singles, ‘Alone Together‘ and ‘Simple‘ that have caught the attention of tastemakers such as  Wonderland, The Line of Best Fit, and Sofar Sounds.

Speaking on the message behind ‘Movie’, Anja Kotar explains:

The concept of life feeling like a movie is something that has been on my mind a lot over the last year; from seeing empty shelves in grocery stores to the idea that it now seems outrageous to take the bus and sit side by side with dozens of strangers without a mask. These are all scenes we used to only see in movies and seemed completely impossible for us to experience in real life. I wanted to write a song that would capture this idea, but also do so in a more lighthearted way, looking at it from the lens of living inside of a movie.

anja kotar.

Yet another flawless pop anthem from Anja Kotar, ‘Movie’ perfectly encapsulates a feeling many of us would be able to relate to after the past year of national lockdowns, pandemic panic and sensationalised chaos. Yet, despite the doom and gloom of it all, Kotar, as always, is able to speak on what can often be bleak or upsetting topics in a delicate and endearing manner. ‘Movie’ is another perfect example, combining Anja’s empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals with a bright, catchy sound that you can’t help but love. With Songs From Isolation set for release soon, 2021 is sure to be a monumental year for Anja whose sincerity and relatability has seen her fanbase grow immensely over the course of the past year.

Listen to Anja Kotar – Movie


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