Chatterbox: James Mackenzie chats collaborations, touring in Germany and seasonal releases.

Hey James, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

I sneak into the local animal shelter and read excerpts from Bruce Willis’ film scripts to dogs. 

What influences have gone into your sound recently?

I worked with Matt Noveskey from Blue October and Glenn Sarangapany (Birds Of Tokyo) on my most recent stuff because these guys are in my favourite bands right now. I’ve always loved the production work and song structures on their respective albums so I wanted to get a bit of that for myself.

What are you currently working on?

I’m writing some new music now, hoping to release something in winter time. I’m a seasonal releaser!

What are your plans the year ahead?

 I head out on tour in Germany in the summer, COVID permitting, and I’m hoping to take a trip back to Scotland to see my friends and family when it’s safe.

Any top tips for getting through this difficult time?

Don’t try and force yourself to keep busy and fulfil your days. Having some down time is good for you.

Check out Jame’s latest single ‘Where You Are Going’:

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