Newcomer Natalie Oaks wows with debut EP ‘Keeping Up Appearances’

Based in Bristol, newcomer Natalie Oaks has wasted no time making her mark and claiming her space in this ever expansive and ever crowded music industry. Following on from her debut single ‘One of a Kind’, Natalie returns now with the big guns, in the form of her 4-track debut EP ‘Keeping Up Appearances.’

Offering a brief period of respite from the turbulence of the past year or so, this project oozes comfort and bliss. Sink into Natalies soft, velvet like vocals as the laid back nature of this retrospective EP takes a hold. Journey through the singer songwriters 2020 experience first hand, from the periods of isolation to exploring the beauty and often complicated moments of relationships and subsequently loneliness as she navigates the thoughts and feelings that partner these emotions.

Authentic, natural and raw, let Natalie guide you with her fresh musical perspective through each track on this exquisite project ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.

 “The EP was written at a time full of confusion and desperation. 2020 was tough and it meant that I spent a lot of time in my own head, trying to understand how I felt about so many things that usually went on in my life. From unhealthy obsessions to daydreams. The stories I tell, although seemingly uncomplicated, navigate those moments of self-reflection we all experience when we get a moment to step back from the chaos. ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ is a snapshot of my search for clarity… whilst trying to do it with style.” – Natalie Oaks

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