Maud returns with 4th dark pop single ‘Nobody’

Following suit of her characteristically dark and ethereal musical abilities, the intriguing Maud has returned with her 4th offering ‘Nobody’, from her upcoming debut album. ‘Nobody’ finds its place in a string of previous singles, such as ‘Bad Things’, ‘Baby Girl’ and ‘Alone Together’ and shows a vulnerable perspective into the young artist and producers growth so far, thus leading us to ‘Nobody’.

A dark thumping, pulsating beat sets the tone for ‘Nobody’ with subtle synths building throughout, Maud’s charismatic vocal is augmented and extenuated in an electronic manner, complimenting the overall theme. With unafraid and topical lyricism Maud challenges the stigma around mental health by openly discussing topics that are often kept under wraps. Brave and out of the box, she matches this with unique and unusual rhythmical lyrical phrases.

Dive into the underground world created for this latest single ‘Nobody’.

“‘Nobody’ is vulnerable and intimate, but it also substantiates the chaos we may feel inside of us from time to time. Even though thesong may come off as distressing, I want the listener to feel empowered and fearless when listening to the track. ‘Nobody’ is the inner voice telling you to stay true to yourself and stop worrying about what others think.” – Maud.

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