DJ Gustavo Bravetti reveals new single ‘Babel’.

Hailing from Uruguay, talented DJ and producer Gustavo Bravetti has released his latest energetic track ‘Babel’. Following on from most recent EP ‘Who’ in 2020, Gustavo Bravetti is a veteran of the music scene having been making music now for well over two decades.

Also having a keen interest in magic, composing and invention, Bravetti is always experimenting and exploring in order to create fresh and innovative work that connects with his audience. Oozing with atmosphere, ‘Babel’ taken from the original movie score wraps the sample around a pumping bassline alongside steady, building trap infused beats.

“The core idea for the track came up while watching the movie Babel for the second time. The melody is on the ending credits, which I missed the first time I saw it. I immediately fell In love with its melancholic foreign flavors and wanted to contrast it with a deep-visceral bass. The result went beyond expectations.” – Gustavo Bravetti

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