VIZE, Imanbek & Dieter Bohlen collab in newest release ‘Brother Louie’ ft. Leony.

Taking the old 80’s classic, VIZE, Imanbek & Modern Talking’s very own Dieter Bohlen put a nuanced spin on Modern Talking’s 1986 release “Brother Louie.” This revamped version also features Leony on vocals.

VIZE and Imanbek flex their house production prowess through sweltering beats and impressive synth work on this remodelled tune, all whilst Leony’s sultry vocals add a fresh and full-bodied flare to the already burgeoning track.

A bridge between two eras, ‘Brother Louie’ takes the classic, well loved sound of the 80’s and interweaves the new 2020’s danceable and futuristic style, a true whirlwind of a collaboration, the tune serves as a sonic treat for modern times.

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