Premiere: Lia Knight steals out hearts with ‘Cupid’

Today, we’re proud to premiere a brand new track ‘Cupid’ from Lia Knight. The artist’s early life was one of globe-trotting; she grew up in Paris, but lived in some of the world’s most famous cities like Tel Aviv, Brussels, New York and London. Throughout all of those different locations with new experiences and new people, Knight had something that was always the same – her love of music. She idolised American heroes from the ’70s like Stevie Nicks and The Runaways, both of who combined their fierce femininity with unforgettable rock-pop hooks.

Right now, Lia Knight looks to make her musical heroes proud with addictive modern-pop single ‘Cupid’. While there’s a touch of vintage flair with those funky rhythms and bass, it’s easily a more contemporary affair akin to the likes of Dua Lipa or MARINA. It’s such a confident, strut-worthy track with those danceable motifs underpinned by fiery guitars and atmospheric synths – it really takes the listener on a journey of varying textures. At various points, Knight’s seductive voice floats in and out of the picture, sometimes joined by a soulful harmony and other times richly layered with reverberated echoes. The whole thing evokes the sense of clandestine love affair; it’s sexy, subtle and alluring.

Made with producer 44cole, ‘Cupid’ is a stunning debut single from Lia Knight and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

“Cupid was written as a sort of love letter to my alter ego. It’s my Uno reverse card.”

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