Bronze Whale are riding High with 5-D

Two Texan duos team up on Bronze Whale’s new collaborative single ‘High’. The Austin based pair produce sumptuous electronic soundscapes, packed with smooth synths and sizzling samples. For their new record Bronze Whale teamed up with their city-sharing friends 5-D, who provide a head-bopping laid-back flow and rhythmic dynamism to an already accomplished track.


“We first worked with HBZ and RuDi of 5-D a little over a year ago on their first original, Shrubbery. HBZ brings this crazy double-time style, while RuDi has a clear laid back voice that cuts. Ever since that first track we’ve been wanting to get back in the studio with them for something new. We were working on this weird future bass beat and got the idea to try and incorporate hip-hop into it. Couple sessions later High was born.”  – Bronze Whale

Bronze Whale

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