Mini Melon Mix Ups: Valentino Khan, Tin Man Falls and Fo Daniels

Welcome welcome one and all to a super mini, Mini Melon Mix Up and the very last one of 2022. Good to keep things short and sweet right? But never fear we have 3 golden tracks to leave you with. 3 is the magic number after all! Wishing you all a very Merry holiday season and the happiest of New Years, thanks for sticking with us this year. Keep rockin’ melon heads and we’ll catch you in 2023 for more absolute Tunage.

Prolific LA based producer and DJ Valentine Khan has had a wild year of releases and a multitude of success. Now to close the year, he reveals his final 2022 instalment, the infectious house ballad ‘Tidal Wave’. Another dance floor filler to add to your festive/NYE playlist, Khan showcases his electronic music prowess and talent yet again. Partnering this release with a huge headline show announcement at the Holly Wood Palladium on May 5th 2023, the stage is set for next year to be khans biggest yet. 

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Vienna based collective Tin Man Falls returns with their first full-length self titled record, Tin Man Falls with focus track ‘Say What You Want’. A shimmering amalgamation of indie tunes, including the previous released ‘Don’t Own Me’ and ‘Black To Grey’, this debut project is one not to be missed by the band. The showcased ‘Say What You Want’ is absolutely filled to the brim with endless groove and layers of synth pop and is the cherry on top of a fabulous debut.

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Last but least in this short snapshot of tunes, Fo Daniels returns with new single ‘Angel in the Streetlights’. Recorded at the Grammy nominated studios, Big Bad Sound in LA and featuring new instrumentation and poignant, stirring lyricism, this newest release reveals a new level of situation from the talented artist. Still remaining true to his alt-rock roots, ‘Angel in the Streetlights’ makes for the perfect closing chapter for 2022 and hints at a super exciting 2023 for Fo Daniels, so keep your eyes pealed!

“Angel in the Streetlights captures the fleeting moment where two would-be lovers meet and recognize their instant chemistry, but then have to part. The smooth verses are sweet and soothing, and the choruses are more harsh and painful, giving way to the outro, which is meant to resemble a racing heart.”

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