Pook Hustle puts his optimistic approach to life in multi-genre track ‘Grammy’

Pook Hustle knows that nothing pays off without hard work. The Brooklyn-based creative has just released new single ‘Grammy’, his ode to self-recognition whether your wins be big or small. For this artist, his superhero alter-ego “Hustleman” is always there to step up the the plate, even after a way too long work shift or just one of those days when things aren’t easy. It helps that Hustle is actually Pook’s real last name!

‘Grammy’, then, is such an uplifting song that we can imagine playing while driving home after work to pump ourselves up for whatever is ahead. Pook Hustle’s optimistic take on life is echoed through the track’s main lyric, “Feel like a won a Grammy,” and that’s a feeling we want to capture every day. That smooth positivity also comes through this musical melting pot of confident modern beats, flowing synths, and the artist’s assured lyric delivery. It’s quite difficult to place ‘Grammy’ in any one genre since there’s such a variety of elements, but that’s also what makes it so liberating.

With a new year ahead full of possibilities, Pook Hustle is setting the tone and cementing continued success from 2022 with ‘Grammy’.

The day I created “Grammy” was like any other, after a grueling 9-6 shift, I got into character & “Hustleman” made it work. The idea for the song came from a conquest to experiment with my voice. As a science kid, I’ve always loved things that sound futuristic. Hearing artists like Daft Punk & Kanye West (808’s & Heartbreaks era) at a young age allowed me to visualize new worlds based on sound. What started as a random cook-up session, quickly turned into a spiritual experience after mentioning my deceased step-father “Mr.John” , a kind, charismatic hustler from Harlem who meant a lot to me. After repeating his name in the hook, a powerful energy started taking shape over what you hear today.

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