Mysterious newcomer NxFxce closes a chapter with alt-pop single ‘Bff’

At this time of year, we’re encouraged to look forward to new beginnings, but instead it might be better to reference an old adage, “where one door closes another one opens.” Essentially, in order to move ahead, sometimes we need to close a chapter before opening a new one. In his new single ‘Bff’, NxFxce reflects on the end of a relationship with bittersweet nostalgia.

For this universal and external experience, NxFxce doubles down on his highly modern Gen Z style with a fresh collection of electronic elements and auto-tuned vocals. Although the production is contemporary, this artist does take inspiration from earlier alt-pop and R&B styles that really accentuates his retrospective look at the past. It’s in his vocals, where we hear the genuine emotion rings through with unique vocals and a style that is both rhythmic and melodic. Even though ‘Bff’ is anchored in NxFxce’s lingering feelings, it’s not melancholic. This track captures the listener’s attention with a driving synth-pop beat that gives the track a cinematic effect; we can imagine this fitting some dramatic visuals.

NxFxce is clearly forging his own path with this unique mix of sounds and his potently vulnerable lyricism.

“The inspiration came from me and someone going our separate ways and I felt as if my best friend had just left. Writing the song took some time only because I had to go through that experience in order to express it and I literally just got up one night after having the beat for a couple months and I just started recording and the hook was created and then lyrics for the verse came later.”

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