Amya-Ray ends two-year hiatus with captivating ‘Love Is Poison’

With the romantic season just around the corner, we might be in need of some grounding reminders that love isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. This is where Brighton-based up-and-comer Amya-Ray steps in with her sobering new single ‘Love Is Poison’, which also marks the artist’s return after a couple of years hiatus.

As with her past track record of richly-diverse and alluring releases, ‘Love Is Poison’ is instantly captivating and that’s in large part thanks to her powerful voice; it’s genuine, emotional, evocative and intimate. The complimentary production also really highlights the brilliance of Amya-Ray’s voice since the piano and other sonic elements support rather than crowd her velvety tones.

This comeback track not only reminds listeners the singer-songwriter’s endearing style, but it also continues the narrative that’s most important to her – women’s experience in today’s world. For women and non-binary people, trusting that others will not take advantage of your love is an enormous step and with ‘Love Is Poison’, she offers a vivid account of those hopes, fears and frustrations. Amya-Ray’s lyrics are abundant with personality and unflinching honesty.

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