Introducing Bertie Newman with sublime indie-pop single ‘I Will’

Introducing Bertie Newman, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter born and raised in Hackney, London. Despite his young years, he’s not entirely a fresh face, having already being featured on BBC Introducing London with his previous single ‘Seaside Eyes’. For us here at Purple Melon though, this is a first-time appearance from the exciting newcomer.

His first single of the year is ‘I Will’, a sublime slice of indie-pop with acoustic guitar at its core. In that way, it’s very reminiscent of Bertie’s top inspirations Bon Iver, Hozier and Gregory Alan Isakov, but then this Londoner gives the sound a more modern appeal with a high-value polished production (we’re looking at you, dreamy reverb!). The most endearing quality of ‘I Will’ has to be the artist’s flawless voice that tells the story of how a changing, healthier mental state happens slowly over time. Ultimately, it’s a happy a hopeful song, but without pushing any sort of agenda – take from this one whatever resonates and leave the rest.

“‘I Will’ explores the shift of my past pre conceptions and associations with particular objects, places and people to how I feel now. I wanted to show the change in my mental state by making an ultimately happy and hopeful song, sound somber, just as I once felt.”

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