Purple Pop: Saffran & Acea, Bentle, Alexa Cappelli, Natalie, Zach Hood, ROSIE, Xondra

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with our first Purple Pop entry. ‘Go’ is the drifting and softy sensual new single from Saffran & Acea, the Stockholm songwriting and producing duo who first began collaborating all the way back in the lockdown. With this context, it’s no surprise that ‘Go’ is filled with dreams of escape, echoed through Saffran’s lilting alt-pop voice and Acea’s layered, slow-tempo production. In short, ‘Go’ is a wanderlust-inducing delight.

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Coming in with an indie take on pop is Australian crooner Bentle whose addictive mix of echoed vocal swoons and pulsating funk-laced rhythms is really reminiscent of past Purple Melon favourites like Ruben Dawnson or Petrie. The NYC-via-Brisbane artist evokes the enticing and daunting felling of this night-sky shade with this hypnotic production and dreamy pop melodies; it sounds almost like free-falling into the unknown. At the end, Bentle’s voice drifts off into the distance leaving us in a state of wonder.

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Southern California singer-songwriter Alexa Cappelli, who was hotly tipped by MTV as the “voice of a generation“, is back with another captivating Gen Z anthem. Co-written with Skyler Stonestreet (Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber) and Pom Pom (mxmtoon, John Legend, renforshort) ‘Lose Lose’ bottles up that relatable experience of a friendship break-up and it’s not subtle either. It’s an explosive battle of emotions and charged alt-pop hooks and unforgettable vocal lines. This really could be Cappelli’s year.

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It’s with Natalie’s latest single ‘Torment’ that this “anti-genre” artist is challenging her own preconceptions by breaking into the mainstream pop arena. She pivots thats upbeat four-on-the-floor hook and bassy guitar humps against her bittersweet lyrics that look back on a tumultuous toxic relationship. She might be playing up the pop hype, but she’s still that grungey, melancholic songwriter at the core.

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Alabama rising star Zach Hood’s sound is abundant with youth; his bright vocals, his optimistic outlook, his mixed-pop style. It all tells us that coming-of-age story that we love to hear in our pop playlist. His relatively recent single and music video ‘i ain’t rich, girl’, also gives that relatable experience of not having all that much cash, but knowing that you’ve got so much else to offer. The pop-punk and early 00s influences are high-key in this, making it an obvious choice to do the rounds on TikTok.

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Here’s one that you might want to get the tissues ready for, because ‘Good For Me’ is so honest, vulnerable and heart-wrenching. From the talent 22-year-old singer and songwriter ROSIE, this song has everything you’d want from a stripped-back pop number, including delicate guitar notes, stunning vocal melodies and a believable story. Part of the magic here is the artist’s dedication to being totally transparent with her audience; this is her life and she’s brave enough to share it with whoever wants to listen.

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We have another lo-fi acoustic pop rendition for you, although this time with a more dramatic flair. In the guise of a sad glown is Xondra, the New York based singer-songwriter, who utlises her strong vocal tones and sincere songwriting to create this empowering -yet-gentle ballad about reclaiming your time, energy and love. It’s also the perfect closing statement to her 2022 EP, Tedious & Brief, so be sure to check that out too.

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