Sibling trio, We Three release dreamy pop tune -‘Hold Me, Baby’

The Portland, all sibling, alt-pop trio We Three have released their second single ‘Hold Me, Baby’, taken from their album, ‘Dear PARANOIA, Sincerely Me’. Consisting of frontman Manny Humlie, Bassist Bethany Blanchard and drummer/keyboardist Joshua Manlie, We Three is more than just a family affair, having reached the semi-finals of Americas Got Talent in 2018, they are now riding off the back of their second album release.

Described as one of the most striking moments from the project, ‘Hold Me, Baby’ demonstrates how much the band has grown since their debut, championing Manny’s delicate yet fiery falsetto, it adds a new soulful flavour to the bands contemporary pop and dynamic, energetic rock feel. A tune in pure celebration of youth, romance and the carefree bliss of living in the moment, this tune is a feel good listen not to be missed.

Check out the equally as fun loving video below.

“ ‘Hold me, Baby” is about that rebellious love. That love that nobody believes in. That love that everybody says is wrong. That love where you have to sneak around to feel it. But in reality I find rebellious love the most attractive and appealing cause to make it though, it needs to be strong and it needs to be real.” – Manny, We Three.


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