Jude the Obscure flourishes in Manchester’s jazz scene

As London house price rise and the line between living and surviving become ever thinner in the UK’s capital, musicians are finding new areas in which to explore their creativity with less of crushing financial pressure, which we’d say is a good thing all in all. Now, whether than means a creative stays put in their hometown or they move elsewhere, we’re noticing that one place with more activity is Manchester.

We’ve been covering the city’s rising producer glue70 lately, and today we’d like to shine a light on fellow Mancunian – Jude the Obscure. As you’ll hear in ‘Strong Enough’, Jude blends sounds from the city’s jazz, hip-hop, soul and indie scenes to create a dynamic song that’s all about strength in the face of adversity.

Now, we’re not saying that Jude isn’t immune hose life stressors we reference earlier, but there’s something about his resilience in lines like “Tryna make a living from a brushstroke, / It’s far-fetched but I come close, / So I take a victory smoke, / I might be stretched thin, / But I’m never gonna fall from the tight rope,” that has us believing we’ll be hearing much more from Jude in the future.

Follow Jude the Obscure on Instagram.

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