Premiere: Doctor Gosso & The Samplers drop soul-drenched single, “Lost & Found”.

London based duo Doctor Gosso & The Samplers have returned and with them they present their second 2020 single, the simply soulful – ‘Lost & Found’. Combining carefully crafted, thoughtful lyrical content with deep grooves, light hip-hop beats and progressions that are tinged with Jazz, the two perfectly pair genres which lead to a refreshingly original and intriguing sound.

Laid back, relaxed and overflowing with rooftop, city life and summertime vibes, this track encapsulates a feel and transports you to that place and time, whilst PDRO lightly lays down an effortless flow over the top.

“Lost and Found” is a track which combines Doctor Gosso’s passion for classic jazz and boom-bap with PDRO’s suave flow and lyricism, while also reminiscing about the memories of past and conveying a feeling of melancholic nostalgia. The track is telling a tale about Pedro’s life and expressing the eventuality/contingency of the cyclical nature of heartbreaks through the choir sounding chorus which almost resembles a collective anthem.” – Doctor Gosso & The Samplers


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