Kailee Morgue releases hauntingly gorgeous second single ‘Discovery’

Kailee Morgue stunned the blogosphere with her debut single Medusa earlier this year, it marked the beginning of a promising few months. The track smashed it on the hype machine chart and made its way into a bunch of editorial playlists on Spotify, taking it to 745,000 streams.

The new single ‘Discovery’ follows a relatively similar sound to the debut, with Morgue’s intimate vocals taking centre stage. The production is a subdued electronic backing, flecked with brash drum samples and melodic synth lines. It’s a mature piece of writing from an artist whose talent as a song-maker belies her age. Although Morgue has only released two tracks, they have laid a strong foundation for a long career. Morgue’s vocal tone is unique and allows her to take listeners to places that they haven’t been before.



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