Indie Kids: VISSIA, Superocean, STARRY EYES, SUNKIN, Litvar, Dejima

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

Edmonton-based artist VISSIA’s remastered track ‘Mountaineer’ from her 2017 album Place Holder gets a new music video directed by VISSIA and Emily Bachynski. The track is an example of VISSIA’s songwriting prowess and vocal power, which is evident throughout her new album, With Pleasure. The album explores themes of connection and the search for love, capturing the essence of everyday life with storytelling that turns the mundane into something special. VISSIA has already made a name for herself in the Canadian music scene and beyond, having performed at high-profile festivals and opening for well-known artists.

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Superocean’s new single ‘Cool Colors’ is an impressive track that combines 80s-inspired new wave, indie rock, and psychedelia. With crashing drums, dancey synths, and catchy guitar riffs, the song creates a liberating rush that evokes images of wide-open spaces and a feeling of freedom. The Portland dream pop quartet delivers an energetic performance that perfectly captures the idea of embracing change as the only constant. Recorded and mixed by Skyler Norwood at Miracle Lake Studios, ‘Cool Colors; sets the tone for their forthcoming spring LP, promising to be a fantastic addition to their discography.

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The new single ‘Jetlag’ by STARRY EYES deals with the struggles and disappointments of pursuing a dream, only to find that the choices made along the way have resulted in pain and destruction. The song’s grungy riffs and melancholic lyrics are juxtaposed with sugary hooks and a bright chorus arrangement, creating a bittersweet track that offers a cathartic undertone. The inspiration for the song came in part from the emotional aftermath of the death of Matt, a member of the band, as well as frontman Kyle Tekiela’s personal experience of achieving his childhood dream of producing award-winning films and realizing the empty reality of the business. According to Kyle, ‘Jetlag’ is a wake-up call that highlights the spiritual and physical tolls of chasing a dream in the entertainment industry.

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SUNKIN’s new single ‘Bellicose Grounds’ uses dark humor to shed light on the struggles faced by young people in the UK today. The song addresses the impact of Covid, the cost of living crisis, and the consequences of Brexit on the younger generation. The lyrics pose a rhetorical question about the high cost of modern life, which is something that many people are struggling with. However, the song’s bridge takes a more belligerent tone, with the songwriter expressing a desire to move forward and not be held back by the current climate. The sound of the song is reminiscent of artists like Sam Fender, Gang of Youths, and Hozier, with a gritty, fast-paced, and melodic performance that perfectly complements the lyrics’ themes. Overall, ‘Bellicose Grounds’ is an insightful and relatable track that encapsulates the struggles faced by many young people today.

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Litvar, a small town indie-rock band from Willimantic, Connecticut, is gaining popularity with their genre-blending sound that reflects their experiences growing up in an unassuming place. Their 2022 release, ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’, received praise, and now the band is back with a new single, ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’. This sarcastic love song is filled with self-aware lyrics and a blend of indie-pop and alt-rock sounds. Litvar recorded the track live at New Monkey Studio, the former studio of Elliot Smith, to capture the same energy as their live performance. ‘Alone (Not Lonely)’ and ‘You Should Find A New Boyfriend’ are part of Litvar’s sophomore album, Eloquently Aimless, which is set to release in September 2023.

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Dejima’s latest single ‘Never Gonna Believe You’ is a refreshing blend of retro and modern sounds that showcase the band’s ability to experiment with their sound. The trippy and experimental track is accompanied by a visually stunning music video that blends traditional production with state-of-the-art AI technology. With a groovy bassline and catchy melodies, ‘Never Gonna Believe You’ is a standout release in Dejima’s discography. The band’s innovative approach to music production is evident in the track, making it a must-listen for fans of experimental and alternative music.

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