Dance Collective: London Topaz, POLUN, Strange Talk, John Summit x Hayla, Miles & Miles x Alex Hosking, Mark Mendy x Jay Mason

Here’s the latest a round of dance-worthy, electro-fuelled tracks for you lovely lot to check out! As always, we keep out doors open for all kinds of electronic music and that shows in the eclectic mix below.

London Topaz’s latest single ‘Drifting’ is a hypnotic and captivating addition to his unique blend of indie-dance and electro-house music. Co-written with Rromarin at Joyluck Studio in Melbourne, the track features the alluring voice of long-time collaborator Blush’ko. With shades of RUFUS DU SOL and Hayden James, the Australian artist has crafted a sound that is both distinctive and addictive. Having spent the past two years working on new music, ‘Drifting’ marks the exciting launch of the next phase of London Topaz’s career. Fans can expect more from this talented artist throughout the year.

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Toronto-based producer and songwriter POLUN (寶麟) is set to release his debut EP, Trillium, showcasing his versatility and unique sound. POLUN, formerly known as Terence “TEE” Lam, has an impressive industry background having produced and co-written hits for artists such as Alessia Cara, Drake, and Rihanna. Now, he is ready to share his own music with the world, infusing pop melodies with emotionally charged beats to create an infectious sound. The third single, ‘Takes Me Over’, featuring Anthony Arthur, captures the overwhelming feeling of being spellbound by love, and sets the tone for the intimate soundscape of Trillium. POLUN is a rising artist to watch.

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Australian duo Strange Talk returns after eight years with their new album ‘Speech Therapy’, their first full-length LP produced independently. Their sound has been compared to bands like Cut Copy, Passion Pit, Phoenix, and Yeasayer, with Rolling Stone Australia describing them as a “dance utopia”. The album features a self-remixed version of their lead single ‘Starlight Ft.Cm’, which they envisioned as a more upbeat and dancey version when they first wrote it. The duo’s previous album ‘Cast Away’ gained over 1 million Soundcloud streams, and its singles were featured in various hit shows, commercials, and worldwide campaigns.

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John Summit’s latest release ‘Where You Are’ featuring Hayla is a stunning track that lives up to the hype. The captivating vocals from Hayla perfectly convey the emotion of the lyrics, which capture the feeling of longing and the desire to be with someone. Summit’s production is exceptional, with soaring synth melodies, a stomping beat, and a bassline that will make you move. This track is reminiscent of the warmth and euphoria of early dance music but with a 2023 refresh. ‘Where You Are’ is a sentimental and exhilarating masterpiece that is sure to be one of the biggest songs of the year. Don’t miss out on this incredible track.

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‘Mona Lisa’ by Miles & Miles featuring Alex Hosking is a captivating song that captures the enigmatic tension between two people feeling attracted to each other. The production and mood of the song perfectly embody the mysterious nature of the “other person” who is especially interesting because they are unknown. Miles & Miles, formed in early 2019 by Henning Sommer and Heiko Fischer, have already earned multiple gold-records as songwriters and producers for other artists, and with ‘Mona Lisa’, they have created a brand that is gaining international attention. The collaboration with Alex Hosking has resulted in a track that has received a lot of support across all platforms, including editorial lists on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and others. Don’t forget to check out the lyric video on Youtube to fully immerse yourself in this captivating track.

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Italian music producer and songwriter Mark Mendy has done it again with his latest single ‘Number’. With nearly 1.5 million monthly listeners, Mendy’s fans have been eagerly anticipating this release. The Genoan artist has taken things up a notch by layering Latin acoustic motifs over a tight deep house groove, resulting in a unique and fresh sound. To top it off, Dutch singer and songwriter Jay Mason, with over 200 million streams, lends his brilliant vocal performance to the track, adding sheer catchiness to the already forward-thinking deep house beat. ‘Number’ is the perfect dance pop record that you simply can’t miss. Mark Mendy continues to impress with his ability to create music that truly stands out in the crowded pop music scene.

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