Purple Pop: Yves Paquet, Sam Tompkins, Jade LeMac, DEZI, Chris Bates, Bertie Newman, Chris Youmans, Marivon

In the ancient world, purple was originally the colour reserved for the imperial families of Rome, Persia and Egypt and while it’s no longer elitist, there’s still something special to be had to the red-meets-blue hue. Our Purple Pop selection showcases the most luxurious, beautiful and unmissable pop music finds for our ears to yours.

Yves Paquet’s new single ‘A Decent Man’ is a heartfelt offering from the Belgian singer-songwriter’s upcoming sophomore album of the same name. The track encourages listeners to take a step back and make space for nature and each other, promoting a simpler and more humble way of living in a world that can feel suffocating with the pressures of social media and busy agendas. Paquet’s Native American roots and childhood fascination with legends, fables, and fairy tales shine through in the album. ‘A Decent Man’ is a touching reminder to prioritize what truly matters and savor life’s simple pleasures.

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It seems that Sam Tompkins is on the rise and has been making waves in the music industry. His new single ‘Die For Someone’ is the second installment from his highly anticipated debut album, which is set to be released soon. The single reveals an evolution in his sound, with an upbeat anthemic pop-edged chorus and stunning vocals that show his passion and vulnerability. The delivery of the song is atmospheric yet resonant, proving Sam’s ability to thrive in different genres. Sam’s rise to fame has been remarkable, with over 130 million global streams and 3 million monthly Spotify listeners. He has become one of the fastest rising male British artists globally

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Jade LeMac, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Vancouver, has released her first single ‘Meet You In Hell’ since signing with Arista Records. The dark pop track explores the aftermath of a toxic relationship and is accompanied by a striking official video that tells the song’s story well. With over 30 million streams to date, Jade’s collection of emotive pop tracks continues to grow, exploring themes of introspection and personal empowerment. She has been recognized as one of GLAAD’s “20 under 20” LGBTQ Changemakers of 2022, and Teen Vogue has also highlighted her as one of the top new artists to watch.

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Dezi, a 24-year-old artist and songwriter from New York City, has been passionate about performing since a young age. She started performing at age 11 and by the time she was 13, she was performing at some of the biggest festivals in her home state of Michigan. Her love for performing led her to New York City where she attended the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Dezi’s unique style blends pop, R&B, soul, and witty lyricism. She is dedicated to bringing activism to mainstream music and has been working towards this goal through her creative vision. Check out her newest single ‘Make It Home’.

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Chris Bates, a pop singer-songwriter, has released a new single called ‘Trust Nobody.’ The song, which was produced by Dan Martin (Denzel), mixed by Scott Seabright (Mumford and Sons), and mastered by Chris Chetland (Rei), is an introspective track about anxiety and self-doubt. The track was created throughout the past year and will be followed by another single in April before an EP release in June. The release will be promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, with a focus on driving followers to pre-save and stream the music. A music video will also be released to accompany the single.

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Bertie Newman’s latest single ‘Wasted On Me’ is a heartfelt and relatable track that explores the initial insecurities and self-doubt experienced when entering a new relationship. With a textured indie-folk sound that combines upbeat acoustic pop strings with enriching backing vocal choruses and a marching rhythm, the song perfectly captures the emotional intensity of new love. Newman’s tender vocals and introspective lyrics create an authentic and vulnerable atmosphere that draws the listener in. ‘Wasted On Me’ is a fantastic follow-up to Newman’s earlier single ‘I Will’, and both tracks will be featured on his upcoming EP, Thoughts So Loud, set for release on April 21st, 2023.

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Marivon, a unique group of international recording musicians, has collaborated under the leadership of jazz upright bassist Jill McKenna, to create their debut album, None of this is Mine. McKenna, who hails from Hamilton, Ontario, and now resides in Nelson, BC, appears on eight different instruments, showcasing her versatility as a musician. The album is a refreshing departure from traditional music structures, and was inspired by a conversation with the late Jerry Granelli about connection, sparked by a cup of coffee in the mountains. ‘while anchorless we drift’, co-written with Geoff Hudson, is a heartfelt reminder to embrace the journey of life, and is a must-add to your road-trip playlist. McKenna describes the album as her most honest work yet and an exceptional addition to her repertoire.

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