‘Exhausted’ is an ode to burn-out from Finish alt-pop newcomer Roye

Finland’s music scene is exploding right now. Whether you’re a fan of pop star ALMA or stellar producer Kupla, there’s not denying that something is happening in Helsinki. One artist we’ll be on the look out for in the future is newcomer Roye, a multi-talented, singer, songwriter and studio engineer who has just dropped his new single ‘Exhausted’.

Listening to the track, you’ll notice how the electro-pop fusion is soaked in Roye’s persistent passion. He wants you to feel every emotion and connect with every word that’s inspired by one of the most challenging times of his life. You might mistake this alt-pop number for a love of break-up song, but in fact it’s about burn-out and depression, something that we all experience at some point.

“I wrote first version of Exhausted together with my friend Joona Moilanen just before moving to Berlin in 2019. I was moving out of my home for 20 years, alone to a different country. I had to leave all my friends, relationships, job, etc. behind and I was so exhausted about starting totally from scratch. I had worked 4 jobs (Sales, Coaching, Gigs, Booking Agency) at the same time that spring and was about to burn-out, before quitting most of it at the same time. In the writing-session I had to keep on saying, that I don’t want the song to be a love song but rather about Burning Out and depression. I finished the writing and production of the song early 2021.”

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