Melbourne bounce pioneer Will Sparks releases Nothing More, Nothing Less EP

If you’re not familiar with Melbourne bounce, the electro-house subgenre that emerged from the Australian city of the same name, then you’re in the right place to get acquainted. DJ and producer Will Sparks is a pioneer of this niche, carving out the space in his own image and making himself inseparable from the culture.

While those familiar club and festival spaces were taken away due to the pandemic, Sparks found himself searching for a new avenue for creativity and so the concept of Nothing More, Nothing Less came to be. The EP consists of five original tracks with three extended mixes to give fans more of what’s they’re here for. Of the EP, our favourite is ‘Closer’ a solid example of Sparks’ expertise with hypnotic beats, synthesized melodies and ethereal guest vocals of Colleen D’Agostino.

With plenty of surprises in store, the Nothing More, Nothing Less EP will delight listeners old and new with this “smacking, banging, thumping, jumping, snapping, clapping Will Sparks music.”

“This body of work started at the beginning of COVID-19. I worked my way back into a routine and was in the studio daily. It inspired me to think outside the box and change my sound while sticking to my roots. I’ve always valued authentic, hard-hitting music that makes the listener feel a sense of euphoria. I’ve challenged myself to design sounds and create certain musical techniques that have never been done before. This period of exploration and experimentation was such a release for me. It gave me a purpose and the belief that my sound is continuing to evolve.”

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