DIYÂ’s ‘Follow’ brings 90s rave nostalgia to the fore

Introducing DIYÂ, the Ukranian-born, Dubai-based EDM newcomer who wants to celebrate the sounds and innovation of earlier generations in dance music while bringing those tried-and-tested techniques into a modern hemisphere. The result is an equal parts hedonistic and nostalgic listen in the form of ‘Follow’.

For DIYÂ this track is all about “taking a leap of faith when you believe in someone and just following your heart and them.” This track is certainly full of positive emotion, transmitting through the intricate beat patterns, enticing vocal clips and smoky lead vocals. ‘Follow’ is an energetic and confident classic EDM tune, what more could you ask for?

“I love current genres and artists, but I get equally inspired by the earlier generations and how they experimented with music.  It truly moves me, there is a deep meaning in each and every note….”

Follow DIYÂ on Instagram.

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