Swedish alt-pop powerhouse NONONO releases new single ‘Dancing (Mumbai Wedding)’

‘Dancing (Mumbai Wedding)‘ is the new single to be released by Stockholm’s alt-pop powerhouse NONONO‘s forthcoming album ‘Undertones’, which is set for release on September 28th by Warner Music Sweden. The trio, consisting of singer-songwriter Stina Wäppling and producers Tobias Jimson and Michel Flygare, commenced their big breakthrough following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album ‘We Are Only What We Feel’. With more than 2 million singles sold, a performance at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, US tours alongside Twenty One Pilots and Foster the People as well as appearances at Lollapalooza Festival, the trio established an international presence for their invigorating melodies and moving lyricism.

“Dancing (Mumbai Wedding) is about catching a beautiful moment and how much more powerful and clear such moments become in the presence of darkness and grief. I wrote the song under a wedding in Mumbai India, during the celebration of my friends love. Eight years earlier I had been in the same city but then horrified and stuck in the middle of a terrorist attack. My sister and I were at one of the places where they opened fire; holding each other tight in a corner we tried to become as small as possible. Under three sleepless days there were no safe places, only a constant readiness and our bodies jerky twitching from the sound of another fire gun or another bombing. There has been a life before Mumbai and a life after. Above all life feels more fragile now and very unpredictable. Thus, when I’m back at the same place with only time as a distance, all my senses are elevated. All life and every emotion feels brighter and the two weeks that we are celebrating love becomes luminous in contrast to the dark stain in my memory. I am somehow miserably blissful, happy about the beauty of being a human and the capability to love and at the same time painfully aware of the fragility of those moments. I wanted to capture that feeling in a jar, save it and keep it as a reminder – that’s how ‘Dancing (Mumbai Wedding)’ came about.” – Stina Wäppling


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