cln stuns with intricate complexity in chilled electronica track ‘REVELRY’

By now, you should all know how we feel about the Australian electronic music scene – long story short, we’re enamored. From coast to coast, it’s absolutely bursting with exquisite talent and one of the most promising cohorts has to be cln. The Brisbane artist has been quietly working on material over the last few months, making the most of the time spent in Australia’s enduring lockdown.

In line with his renowned chilled electronica and alt-R&B textures, ‘REVELRY’ is set to delight fans. Starting with a minimalist composition and tender vocals, we’re drawn into the resounding intimacy that cln has created here. As the track progresses, the trap beats come further to the front but altogether it’s still a restrained and sophisticated performance from the Australian producer. The intricacy of the details speak for themselves.

“REVELRY ’started with just the piano and the vocal, which is very unusual for me. It then sat like that on my hard drive for quite a while. I almost always make songs the other way round. I create an instrumental that I am happy with and then add the vocals on afterwards. I think because I’m a producer first and foremost, that is what’s most comfortable for me.I recently watched a video of Daman Albarn making Gorillaz demos in 1999. At the end of the video, he says something along the lines of “a song should be strong enough to survive whatever you do to it.” That really stuck with me, and it made me realise that I should spend more time focusing on the ‘bones’ of the song. As a producer, I love to obsess over tiny details for ages, and spend most of my time on the really intricate parts of the production. I think though, if I want to improve as an artist, it’s important to mix up the process and try to focus on the actual song first and foremost. For REVELRY I tried to build the song first, and then let the rest come naturally.”

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