Hayes & Y release indie disco track ‘All Pressure/No Pleasure’.

Comprising of both Bulgarian and Finnish natives, indie-pop quartet Hayes & Y have returned with their next single, the 80’s inspired, indie electronic number – ‘All Pressure/No Pleasure’.

Oozing with droves and spirals of explosive, repetitive synth work, raw, husky vocals and undulating, pulsating melodies, the layers created help to drive the song and keep the energy fully charged from beginning to end.

Exploring the expectations placed on us by society and the pressures that we come across whilst trying to adhere to those ideals, lyrically, ‘All Pressure/No Pleasure’ delves deep into vulnerability and substance whilst contrasting and catchy melodic hooks echo throughout the chorus.

“I feel that’s something that has been troubling people for a long time. Conformity comes easy for some people, but others really struggle with it and find it hard to find their place in a society, where it is paramount.” – Hayes & Y.


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