In ‘Get Out Alive’, Alex Frew navigates heartbreak and social anxiety

There’s few things that we love more here at PM than solid pop tune with an emotional core. That’s exactly what you’ll find when you click play on Alex Frew’s debut single ‘Get Out Alive’.

The 18-year-old Canadian uses his music to navigate his first bitter taste of heartbreak, a theme which seeps into every line of the song. As well as dealing with love lost, Frew is also honest about his experience with social anxiety.

The song itself is astonishingly well produced, making the most of Frew’s clean pop vocal against a backdrop of looped vocal samples, dropped-out bass and intricate electronic beats. It’s familiar, yet fresh, and we can already envision great things in the future for this promising young singer and songwriter.

Check out all things Alex Frew here.

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