Introducing the formidable Seraphina Simone with ‘Cherry’

‘Cherry’ is the first single from Seraphina Simone’s project, which will be gradually introduced to the listener over the next few months. If this starter track is anything to go by, we’re in for a sweet treat with a twist.

As we hear with ‘Cherry’, this track is a rallying call against the grand lie that is the American dream; and how that toxic image is handed down from one generation to the next, shaping unrealistic expectations of beauty, femininity, and what a capital society classes as success.

Here Seraphina Simone tells us more: 

“‘Cherry’ is the voice in our heads telling us we don’t have enough, telling us to want more, buy more, be richer, be thinner, be prettier, be better than everyone else. It’s that sarky bitch who’s really mean to you and you hate her but you also kind of want to be her best friend because she’s perfect and you’re a mess. It’s the voice fuelled by consumer culture and jealousy and insecurity and myths like the American Dream. It seems harmless enough even though it fucks up the planet and makes us miserable no matter how much we have. Maybe in a weird way Covid will make us realise we don’t need so much shit to be happy.”

Alongside this brilliant message, Seraphina Simone uses scene-setting Americana elements with interesting samples from film and TV to land us directly into the Hollywood idea of America. There’s definitely also a sense of Simone’s UK upbringing in the indie-rock guitars and ’80s pop synths. We especially love the moment around the 2:30 minute mark where the experimental production with the vocals further impresses this theme of warped ideals.

In the case you didn’t already realise, we’re eager to hear what else Seraphina Simone has in store.

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