Watch the cinematic new music video to Jihae’s ‘Utopia’

South Korean-born songwriter, vocalist and multimedia artist Jihae launches a brand new music video for her latest uplifting, atmospheric single ‘Utopia’, directed by Paola Kudacki (Rolling Stone, Time, Elle and Vogue), with cinematography from Jeffrey Kim,  (Solo – A Star Wars story). A gorgeous and cinematic mini-film, ‘Utopia’ explores the vast mystery and beauty of the world and calls us to return to it.

Jihae – ‘Utopia’

Over shimmering chimes and atmospheric beats, Jihae’s deep and longing vocals tell the tale of a journey of discovery and self-actualisation. Complex, conceptual and uniquely captivating, ‘Utopia’ is both a sonic and visual masterpiece as well as a standing testament to Jihae’s undeniable talent and creativity.

Speaking on ‘Utopia’ director Paula Kudacki explains;  

“This video portrays the journey of a woman dreaming of Utopia. In her search she encounters frustration and desperation until she realizes that the true search is within herself. At the end she enters a portal, a new dimension, perhaps her own soul? Her inner world of happiness. The golden light. Her true self.  I wanted to explore the idea of acceptance and tolerance and the constant search for happiness. A search which can only be found inside our minds and our hearts. When we filmed the performance, we all felt moved by Jihae’s honest and emotional delivery.  This song is definitely a point of conversation regardless of who you are, where you are from, and what you wish for the future.” 

Listen to Jihae – Utopia


“The video represents my internal journey over the past year. The long process of rewrites to make the song uplifting mirrored my determination to find inner peace. It’s not easy to face our reality without anger, frustration and despair. I made the choice to stop being consumed by these emotions and focus on how I can contribute to healing our planet and helping people in these desperate times.  We’re wired to seek euphoria externally, running away from ourselves to find meaning and fill the void when sages, saints and scholars throughout history have shown us that all the wisdom, peace and light can be found within through meditation and prayer.  I had shot with Paola before and have always admired her ability to capture her subject’s essence in raw moments.”

– Jihae.

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