Listen to ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’, the latest electronic single from Edwin Rosen

‘Verschwende deine Zeit’, (Waste Your Time) is the newest hit from electronic, singer songwriter and music producer Edwin Rosen. Filled with nostalgic 80s synths and disco flavoured beats, the track takes on a slightly new direction from Rosen’s previous release, ‘Leichter//kälter’, whilst remaining true to his signature sound, proving himself to be a versatile and talented young producer and musician.

As his fifth official release, this single marks a turning point in Rosen’s musical career, catapulting him from a relatively unknown bedroom producer to a highly popular and respected musician that has now clocked well over 3 million streams. As pioneer of “Neueneue Deutsche Welle”, which loosely translates to ‘New-new German Wave’, Edwin Rosen is entirely in his own lane dropping highly popular and critically acclaimed genre-bending tracks, time after time. ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’, with it’s addictive melodies and foot-tapping chorus, holds your attention from the very first note.

Young, ambitious and newly signed to Berlin indie label IRRSINN, Edwin Rosen seems to be achieving the impossible, proving himself to be one to watch for the coming year through sheer talent, authenticity and hard work.

Edwin Rosen – ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’


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