PREMIERE: Alternative artist HILTON returns with a captivating new single, ‘BONES’

Back with yet another captivating, alternative music release, Michigan-born singer, songwriter and guitarist HILTON unveils ‘BONES’, his fourth single of the year and his most challenging piece of work to date. Following on closely from the release of ‘DEMONS‘, ‘BONES’ hopes to emulate that same success whilst demonstrating HILTON’S incredible versatility as a musician.

Known for being a genre-defying artist, HILTON effortlessly blurs the lines between alternative, rock and hip-hop, whilst still managing to maintain a signature style and flow. For ‘BONES’ however, HILTON chose to venture completely into the unknown, writing over “uncomfortable” chord progressions and seemingly disjointed beats, determined to trust his process.

When I started writing ‘Bones’ I thought it was a very strange chord progression, and just a weird vibe overall. It made me feel sort of uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure what the first couple lines meant, or if they made any sense at all. Something told me to push through however, and see what might come of these odd sounds. From that point forward ‘Bones’ came together in the most effortless, magical way.” 

Entirely self written and produced ‘BONES’ is an intense and thrilling moment from HILTON, filled to the brim with raw, narrative lyricism and dark, cinematic production. Ebbing and flowing, the production pivots from intimate, almost accapella moments to loud, attention-grabbing, guitar-led parts, keeping the listener guessing the whole way through. A freshing new prospect, HILTON is poised and ready to make his mark on the scene.

Listen to HILTON – ‘BONES’


 “Of all the songs I’ve written, it pushed me the furthest from my comfort zone, then brought me straight to a place of clarity and raw emotion. When it came time for production, I challenged myself to stay far away from home and see what else this thing could become. All of this fresh territory resulted in the making of my favorite song I’ve ever written or produced. I hope listeners can feel the vulnerability, and mad-scientist energy that went into ‘Bones’”.

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