Bop along to Max Armfield’s upbeat, counter-feels track ‘BLUE’

Introducing you to UK songwriter Max Armfield who has dropped a club-ready, alternative-pop track called ‘BLUE’.

The upbeat, disco-laced rhythm is what you’ll first love about this song; it’s designed with the intention to provide some much needed escapism during the current climate. Perhaps last year, if you broke up with someone, you’d hit the bars with your friends and explore a new city, but these days, things aren’t so straightforward.

Speaking about this own experience of recent heartbreak, Max tells us that:

“‘BLUE talks about the end of a long term relationship and the excitement of new beginnings. Even though I got what I wanted from the relationship ending (being able to ‘relax’ and make music) there were still times where I want to see her again.”

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