UK-via-Malta rapper Rheez is more determined that ever on hard-hitting track ‘Pe$Os’

The majority of us don’t grow up listening to one kind of must or another in a vacuum; throughout our lives we’re exposed to a myriad of styles and sounds resulting in a truly mixed bag of influences. This very much applies to the Maltese-born, UK-raised artist Rheez who grew up listening to the likes of Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers, while building his skills behind the drum kit from as young as 12-years-old. However, when he hit his teenage years, he became obsessed with 90s hip-hop and would often listen to those iconic tracks on his way to and from high-school.

When Rheez kicked off his music career in 2020, it became clear that his intuitive connection with hard-hitting beats, whether that’s rockier drums or hip-hop backbeats, was the foundation for his own style. You’ll hear that fusion throughout all of his tracks, but especially newest release ‘Pe$Os’, a lyrical vent about all the ways that Rheez continues to push himself further. That determination comes through in his confident rap, which keeps pace with the forceful drill beats that are relentless throughout. The fact that ‘Pe$Os’ isn’t rushed, even using flexible synths to mellow some of the spaces here and there, demonstrates Rheez’s persistence in his career so far and that’s what is going to keep the momentum going.

This particular track was a bit of an aggressive venting session, considering the current position I have in my career, I feel like the song expresses my hunger and desire to go further, and a slight showcase on my word play abilities. One thing people should know about me is that I will never stop making music in the face of adversity, that’s not who I am, I live for music, I’ll die for music, it is the almighty for me.”

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