Jayd Ink’s Catching Red Lights is worth all the hype

We know, it’s almost too good to be true, but Jayd Ink is back with new music! It was only last month that she blessed us with the sumptuous single ‘Queen St’. Now, with barely any notice, Ink surprises us with the ‘Catching Red Lights’ three-track EP. The quality intensifies with every step she takes, leaving fans completely wonderstruck – how does she do this?!

Lets rewind back to last month’s show-stopping offering ‘Queen St’. Jayd Ink swept everybody off their feet with her iconic vocal imprint and gripping beat. The press was going crazy about the track and couldn’t stop talking about her impeccable prowess. We like to think we were leading that wagon with our constant praise as her number one fans, but many might want to fight us for that title. 

By Cashkev

Jayd Ink is proving all of us right when we said we believed her only capable of releasing hits. Dripped in class, ‘Rollin’ follows up with smoothness and effortlessness. Driven by intricate vocal arrangements, the track is about individuality and self reflection. This seamlessly transitions to ‘Stuck On Earth’, a contemplative number playing with darker production while still maintaining feminine accents. 

A true show of mastery, ‘Catching Red Lights’ deserves all the hype it’s getting. Be sure not to miss out.

“Catching Red Lights is about slowing down and learning to appreciate the moment. During the lockdown I took the time to sit with myself, dive deeper into my thoughts, my fears and my overall wellbeing. It was a lot of reflection. These three songs are a combination of how I was feeling during that time.” JAYD INK

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