Mini Melon Mix Up: Kris Kollins, LĀLO PARADE, NASAYA, Le BAHO, Kamora and George Gretton

Welcome welcome one and all to our beloved MMM, a special place to find an eclectic mix of new tunes to add to your collections. Here we curate a unique list for your ears only, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Returning earlier this year, with the previously praised singles ‘U’ and ‘River’, progressive Washington DC-based artist Kris Kollins is back again with his passion inducing new single ‘SIDE FX’.

Continuing to dwell, explore and push the boundaries of the wondrous world of alt-pop, ‘SIDE FX’ marks one of Kris Kollins most romantically tuned singles yet in recent times. Featuring hues of his raw and vibrant persona that flows throughout his art, Kris truly soars in this new single.

“It’s the feeling of being so infatuated with someone it feels like an addiction. You’re not yourself, but you feel lifted. Love and infatuation is pretty much a drug trip, and this song is about that….it’s a feeling that scares me, but I desire.”Kris Kollins

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El Paso-based artist and producer Lālo Parade reveals the warm, heart felt, new psych-pop single ‘Fasho’. Smooth, light and gloriously bright, ‘Fasho’ makes for an easy and joy filled listen including influences from Tame Impala, Harry Styles, and Beck, enjoy this single with the last clinging rays of Summer.

“The song is simply about falling in love with someone. You know, that kind of first few months of getting to know someone and feeling all sorts of emotions.”Lālo Parade

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Reunion Island native, producer and multi-instrumentalist NASAYA has revealed his newest single, ‘RUMMELSBURG’, following closely on from recent release ‘CIEL’. An incredibly versatile electronic crossover artist, NASAYA includes threads of Jazz, experimental dance music, hip-hop, pop and classic rock into his music, alongside drawing on his homeland for inspiration. Keep your eyes pealed for his new EP RÊVES coming up for release.

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Switzerland based artist, songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist Le BAHO aka Bastien Horisberger shares sophomore single ‘Next to Me’. Inspired by neo-soul and jazz artists such as Jordan Rakei, Daniel Caesar and FKJ, ‘Next To Me’ is clean, fresh and delicate. Featuring plenty of soul and pop sensibilities, fans of all these references will take great pleasure in diving into the world of Le BAHO’s music.

“Clock is ticking way too fast and alarm clock will ring, you wish you could stop the time to keep your partner in bed a little longer. I wrote this song for those who hate to see their lover walk out the door in the morning.”To write a song, I tend to take my time and spend months on it. But For “Next To Me”, Everything came together very naturally and surprisingly fast, from the first idea to the final product.” Le BAHO

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The lovable Glaswegian Indi-rock outfit Kamora are next with their third 2022 single ‘Feel Alive’. Anthemic, meteoric and full of energy, it features key elements of their signature sound. Including plenty of memorable hooks, atmospheric keys, chunky guitar parts and a tight, close-knit rhythm section, with ‘Feel More’ you even get a sneaky saxophone section embedded in the action. Navigating themes of purpose, ‘Feel Alive’ is a relatable coming of age story, exploring the challenges faced with growing up and having to trade youthful fulfilment for adult responsibilities.

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Last but not least we have UK artist George Gretton and his sophomore EP ‘Ordinary Life’ featuring previous singles “Morning (feat.theMIND)” and ‘Down To Earth (feat.Luna Pines)”. This new collection of songs was inspired by the mundane, everyday-life activities and returning to ‘normal’ life after Covid. Culminating in five incredibly in depth and thoughtful tracks, there’s certainly more to this EP than initially meets the eye!

“Ordinary Life is a collection of tracks about my relationship with the boring mundane stuff thatI do and feel every day. It’s also about returning to ordinary life from the pandemic and really struggling to re-adjust, and also hating the idea of living a regular, uneventful & uninspiring life. Each tune is a different take on this, for example ‘Morning’ is about depressing runs of days where you don’t do anything or go anywhere. You do nothing and it makes you feel even less motivated and even more sorry for yourself.It can be such a vicious cycle. ‘Formless’ is saying that I’m not going anywhere else. I’m not able to make it to all the places I dreamed of, but at least that means I don’t lose anyone along the way. ‘Weekdays’ is one of my favourites on this album. It’s about a realisation I had that having half your attention and time on your dreams and half your attention and time on real life means you end up being only half good at both. Feeling like you can only give half of yourself to something really bugs me.The last tune,‘Bullseye’, is a bout acknowledging that no matter what happens and who else lets you down, you’ve got to be the one championing yourself and stick everything you do out to the end.There are sounds across the ep that I recorded from everyday things like sounds from the office, the home and even public transport. To sum up, this ep isn’t a celebration of the everyday life but it’s definitely not a complaint either. It’s just saying, here we are, this is what we have, and this is what we do, and I hope people can relate to that!” George Gretton

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