Brighton’s promising indie newcomers Comforts release ‘Mixed Signals’

Today, we’ve got a delicious dose of vibrant and dreamy indie-pop with rock undertones for you from the Brighton-based band Comforts. This four-piece use their friendship and easy-going connection to weave together compelling narratives framed by their super catchy soundtracks. That’s certainly the case with new single ‘Mixed Signals’, a buoyant and lively indie tune that deals with the more dysfunctional side of relationships.

‘Mixed Signals’ centres around two friends going through their equal share of bad breakups, but seeking out each other for consolidation turns toxic when they keep missing each other’s phone calls. It’s an all-too-common symptom of our “always available” society that stems from our ability to constantly be on our phones or online in general. This can easily lead to the so-called “mixed signals” that have inspired Comforts complex songwriting.

The openly emotional lyrics are brought right up to the listener’s ears thanks to the melodious guitar riffs, early 00s vocal style, rushing rhythms, punching drums and a heart-wrenching chorus reminiscent a 90s Brit-pop with its cinematic production. The clever construction of ‘Mixed Signals’ really takes the listener on the journey from the perspective of these two disconnected friends, with the intermittent sense of hope that things will work out through to the unconfined frustration.

“Mixed Signals is about two close friends going through a pretty bad break up at the time. It was quite toxic & so they’d both be calling each other, not picking up the phone which would result in huge fights! We wrote this song from their perspective, about one long night in particular. I guess there are always two sides to every story.”

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