INTRODUCING: Netherlands-based beatmaker & producer Camille Antoni

Multi-faceted, multi-skilled producer and beatmaker Camille Antoni makes his solo debut with the incredible new hip-hop single, L.U.N.A. featuring a guest verse from long-time collaborator ,Pete Philly. Released just as the new moon entered Libra on October 6th, this inaugural track represents a new phase for Camille Antoni’s career as well as being a first glimpse into the sound and feel of his budding solo discography.

Best known as a session musician and the second half of the indie-pop duo, Bungalow, Camille Antoni is so much more than what meets the eye. Having grown up playing in bands after teaching himself guitar, production and mixing, Camille set his sights to Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, a prestigious arts university in his home country of Netherlands. After graduating with a masters degree in Music Design, he took a step further, choosing to stay back at HKU as a teacher, passing on his newfound knowledge to his class of aspiring music production students!

Camille By Raymond van Mil

With more musical talent in his little finger than most could hope for, Camille is a force to be reckoned with. Personally schooled in analog production by Grammy award winning composer/producer Jochem van der Saag (Seal, Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston) and a student of the iconic Mooie Jongens hip-hop studio, his CV is not one to be disregarded.

Hoping to make a lasting impression, Camille Antoni presents ‘L.U.N.A.’ as a demonstration of both him and Pete Philly at their most authentic, unadulterated and raw. Driven by a deep frustration with humanity and our seeming inability to be mindful of the planet and each other, Camille took to his home studio to vent, resulting in a disjointed and uneasy hip-hop beat that accurately reflected his creative mood at the time. Dark and alluring yet bouncy and refreshing, ‘L.U.N.A.’ captures the very essence of Pete Philly and Camille Antoni. 

Camille Antoni ft. Pete Philly – L.U.N.A.


“Within my compositions, I like to play with dissonance. It evokes a feeling that there’s a tension within the music that rubs and needs to be resolved. When writing with a singer/rapper I also strive for the lyrical subject of the song to match the feelings and emotions within the composition. My first single L.U.N.A., in collaboration with Pete Philly, is a good example of this. ‘Lead Us Not Astray’ is a religious quote asking for a greater power to guide us on the right path. At this exact moment in time, we are not only in a climate crisis but also in the aftermath of Covid-19. Financial inequality continues to grow and governments all over the world are each struggling with their own issues. L.U.N.A. is about having the knowledge and bravery to make the difficult but correct choices in order to make things better.”

Camille Antoni

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