INTRODUCING: Soulful crooner Desmond Myers & his unmissable debut album, SHADOWDANCER

It’s very rare that a debut album from a newly-signed artist makes you stop in your tracks but after hearing the first few notes of the starting track, ‘Playing With Fire’, one can’t help but be utterly transfixed by Desmond’s immaculate falsetto runs. Released on the 8th of October, Shadowdancer is the debut album from songwriter and recording artist Desmond Myers, featuring the centrepiece lead single, ‘Shadows’.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia but just as comfortable in Paris, France, Desmond Myers has spent the best part of the last year honing his craft and living between these two iconic cities following his addition to the Parisienne neo-soul outfit Her, which soon lead to Desmond being signed by the French record label, LVCO Production in 2020. 

Fast forward to the present day and Desmond is highly regarded as a seasoned recording artist and a regularly occurring act in the Paris music scene and beyond. Influenced greatly by his time in the city of love, Shadowdancer showcases Desmond’s unique history with the European country by employing a veritable première classe of French musicians; drummer Mathieu Gramoli (Her, Gaël Faye) bassist Pierre Elgrishi (NACH, Clara Luciani) and guitarist Louis Marin Renaud (Théo Lawrence, Lou Doillon) who also mixed the album.

8-tracks long, this lyrical and sonic masterpiece of a debut album narrates Desmond’s very personal and endearing journey towards finding self-acceptance and inner-peace. A journey of many miles, Shadowdancer offers relatable lyricism, layered storytelling and flawless vocals over a collection of pop-fuelled sonic landscapes littered with elements of funk, jazz, soul, R&B and rock. As diverse in its content as it is in its sound, Shadowdancer is an incredible display of versatility and skill from Desmond Myers and we look forward to hearing more.

Desmond Myers – Shadowdancer


“Shadows” is a song I wrote after being frustrated with overthinking. I can be a very cerebral person at times and I wanted to make a song that got me out of my own head. 

I had been making a lot of mid-tempo music about things that were very personal to me and I just wanted to make something to shake those feelings off to. It ended up being just as vulnerable of an experience as those other songs. It was like treating myself through song, which is its own unique kind of vulnerability.”

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