New York’s rising songstress ALANA shines on ‘Counting Sleep’ the dreamy new single from her forthcoming EP.

Back with a stunning third single, NYC’s rising songstress ALANA shines on ‘Counting Sheep’, the dreamy new insomnia inspired folk-pop single taken from her forthcoming EP. Having experienced incredible upward trajectory since deciding to release her own original music in 2019, ALANA has gone from strength to strength since her debut in 2019 with ‘American Honey‘.

Inspired by her Brazilian-American heritage as well as a love for Taylor Swift, ALANA’s infuences are as vast and varied as her artistic range. Originally penned as a diaristic poem about her issues with poor sleep and restlessness, ALANA added a self-strummed guitar melody to the mix, creating a light and airy atmosphere for her lullaby-esque lyrics.

Speaking on the new release, ALANA has this to say of ‘Counting Sheep’

“Counting Sheep is an escapist track that I wrote during a time when I really struggled with falling asleep. I was frustrated with the idea that counting sheep would ever help someone sleep since it never really seemed to work for me, so I channelled that energy into a song that embodies the dream state I so often wish I was in.”

A big believer in the power of collaboration, ALANA has also developed her vision for her music working with producers Joey Wunsch (Norah Jones, James Bay, Grace VanderWaal, Lolo Zouai) and Guy Furious (ZAYN, Andrew Belle, Snakehips).

For the ‘Counting Sheep’ artwork, ALANA worked with installation artist Anna Warfield to create dreamy pillow letters that match the lyrics of the song. The beautiful creations materialize the feeling and concept of the track. Look out for ALANA’s debut EP, it’s not one to be missed!

ALANA – ‘Counting Sheep’


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