Shuffled house beat & funky bass come together in Tentendo’s addictive Player One EP

Belonging to that ever-growing Melbourne bounce scene, producer and tune master Tentendo recently dropped his unmissable new EP, Player One. The classic game station theme can be found throughout the Australian creator’s work, although his sound isn’t retro at all, instead it floats in a timeless space of cool beats, ethereal samples and fluid mixing.

This six-track record starts where every game should do at ‘Level One’, which warms up the action with its funky rhythms, dubby bass and intermittent voice clips. From there, we’re smoothly led into the instant party track ‘Function’ with its super catchy lyrics courtesy of guest Jordan Dennis and that kicked-up tempo. That noticeably intricate beatwork with its head-bop inducing effect transfers nicely into the ice-cool ‘Ride’. This passive house number is flush with tinny high-hats, thumping bass and R.ICO’s baritone vocal tone that leaves you with no other choice but to “move your feet”.

The EPs’ fourth track ‘Still Feel The Same’, featuring Chelsea Warner’s airy melodies, is an ode of Tentendo’s signature sound of shuffled beats mixed with funky bass, all wrapped up in a feel-good yet slick house package. That choppy disco vibe continues on into the Blood Orange-esque ‘Sunny’ where the producer is joined once again by the ever soulful Jordan Dennis. This one has the most vintage sound with elastic bass, rich synth keys and echoed vocals which gives a real sense of space to this roomy two-stepper.

We close out this optimistic EP with ‘Dancing All Night Long’, a forward-facing house tune that is giving fans (new and old) a taste of what’s to come from Tentendo. The level of detail here is insane, leading the listener to have both a tranquil and energetic state of mind. With this final sign off, we’re left wanting so much more and the only answer to that is to hit play on the EP again.

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