Dance Collective: Kevin Silvester x 99finite, Soundwaves, Thus x Teda, Dantec x Trenox, oxheart, SOZI, Alley, & Electrohed

Friday is here and you know what that means, a round of dance-worthy, electro-fuelled tracks for you lovely lot to check out! As always, we keep out doors open for all kinds of electronic music and that shows in the eclectic mix below.

As soon as that playful chuckle, super bassy groove and hip-shaking rhythm kicks off ‘Crywolf’, you know that you’re in for a good time. This emotionally-charged dance-pop number is the collaboration between Melbourne producers and songwriters Kevin Silvester and 99finite, which will feature on the former’s upcoming album. It’s such a fluid track, moving from the modern disco elements to sassy pop melodies to the celebratory EDM chorus to the face-paced rap flow. It’s got everything!

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We’re staying on that high note with Soundwaves’ late summer anthem ‘Out Out Time’. Emerging from the chill house scene as early as 2017, this young Canadian has continued to deliver uplifting tracks that are flawlessly produced and leave the listener feeling both serene and awakened. With this new single, Soundwaves combines house techniques with theatrical strings and a tropical guitar riff, which blossoms into an all-out guitar riff that’s sure to stick in your mind.

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Continuing the tranquil aesthetic, we have ‘Home’, a gorgeous collaboration between Israeli producer Thus and guest vocalist Teda. The track opens with hypnotic chimes that have a certain woody quality, which grounds the listener and greatly complements the soulful vocal tones. After this subtle intro, we’re given our first taste of the producer’s penchant for EDM drop with a rush of EQ sweeps, but we’re kept hanging on for more right throughout this restrained piece of electronica. It’s all about the anticipation.

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Coming in with a generous dose of pop-infused dance is Dantec and Trenox’s fresh-faced collaboration ‘Solo’. These two talented producers and musicians transform hedonistic daydreams into a tangible reality with warm chord progressions, thumping basslines and melodic toplines. The duo, each with their own illustrious career in EDM, represent the emotionally sensitive side of the genre, allowing the listener to lose themselves in the sounds while reflecting on your life.

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Now its time to dive in deep to some sophisticated tech house from the Michigan-based newcomer oxheart. This mysterious beatmaker is coming in strong with ‘windwalker’, a demonstration of intricately patterned digital beeps and taps. There über-robotic beats are underpinned by a punching rhythm and joined by a disparate vocal drifting in the background. It’s an ethereal listen perfect for that transition into the early hours.

We’ve definitely being gravitated towards the more pop-leaning flavours, perhaps it’s the end of the warmer months that are making us find new pleasures in music. Swooning in with a reminder of those sun-soaked days is SOZI with her bombastic new single ‘Summer Vibes’. It’s a proper sing and dance along track with pulsating beats, romantic guitars and youthful synths, of course that’s not to mention to powerful chorus, “I love these summer views!” It’s clear that this was written for travelers and wanderlust seekers.

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We love hearing sounds and interpretations of genres from across the world, which is what we find with Alley’s new single ‘Noche’. It’s one of the Chilean artist’s first compositions, which sees her nostalgic lyrics embracing a triumphant synthwave soundscape. The sophisticated synths and the artist’s indie-pop vocals in this alternative dance track invites the listener to express themselves a renewed freedom.

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We take another trip to South America (even if only in spirit) for this unique rave track ‘Back To Rio’ from Reading-based artists Gavin Lambos, aka Electrohed. As you’ll hear with the vivacious track, this musician is inspired by the energy of Brazilian Afro-Blocs and the NYC beats of Afrika Bambataa, but then transmuted into the world of electronica with an array of modern techniques. The result is a sound we’ve truly never heard before, one that bridges that gap between traditionalism and futurism.

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