Premiere: Roslyn releases Valentine’s day treat ‘Lolita Express’.

New York Native Roslyn has released an extra special Valentines Day treat, in the form of cinematic chill- house single ‘Lolita Express’ via label SALMIAK. Having spent the majority of her childhood stateside, Roslyn has since moved to northern Europe and that is where she currently resides. Taking inspiration from the 90’s, she is creating a fresh new wave of unexpected sound combining her persona, modern pop and elements from various electronic genres.

The song begins as if you are taking a breath, about to dive deep into an alternate universe of sound, ‘Lolita Express’ comes alive with compelling and melodic progressions with quiet, subtle and dark breathy vocals gently resting along the top. The world Roslyn has created achingly draws you in inch by inch, submersing you completely into her dynamic world.

 “‘Lolita Express’ is a lullaby written by a survivor of abuse unfazed by her encounter. Her emotions feel like advertisements, so she makes fun of her own victimhood through lofty melodic techno, inspired by the alternative music she grew up on.” – Roslyn.



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