CHATTERBOX: Anniina chats making a debut, pop scene and her music recommendations

Hey Anniina, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Could you tell us something about yourself that nobody knows?

Hey! Thanks for having me. Hmm. Very random but I’m kind of scared of squirrels. Someone once told me that they don’t stop biting until they have their teeth back together and every time I see one I think about that.

When did you first start making music in earnest?

I had always been singing and playing the piano but right when I turned 14 I realised I wanted to be an artist and started writing songs every day and prioritizing music with more of a goal in mind.

We’ve just heard the brand new single ‘Fire’ which is such a gorgeous debut, how were you inspired to write this song?

Thank you! I was going through a heartbreak at the same time as moving to a different country so a lot was going on. The song is about that heartbreak and how I felt very stuck in it while my life was changing around me. I co-wrote it with my friend Sasha.

‘Fire’ sounds so emotionally profound. Do you have any tips for getting through difficult times as an artist?

Writing songs is definitely my tip. When I’m going through something, writing songs makes me feel so so much better and more peaceful. Maybe that’s an obvious one for a musician but it’s just the best way to cope with stuff.

Your home country of Finland is pretty internationally known for its metal and alternative music, so what should readers know about the pop music scene there?

In Finland the pop music scene is mostly music that’s in Finnish. I don’t listen to Finnish pop music that much but there are definitely good songs, and writers and producers. Also some artists that make pop music in English like ALMA and Lxandra.

Who are your favourite Finnish artist’s right now?

I really like this pop duo called Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth.

We’ve loved discovering your music through this debut, so we want to know, are you already working on something new?

Thank you so much! I’m definitely working on new stuff and there are many songs that I’m very excited about!

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