Mini Melon Mix Ups: MULAY, Indigo Kxd feat. Shanesa, Freya Beer feat. Tom Saint, Ben Hutcheson, The Horn, OSP, Nicki Wells, Ross From Friends x Brave The Storm, Munan & Melkior

Hi, hey, hiya and howdy friends! Here’s hoping you are having a FAB Friday and are looking forward to that wondrous weekend ahead. We have the perfect little list of tunes to share with you this week, all hand picked and boogie-tested by our lovely melon heads. So sit back, relax and pop those headphones in!

The indomitable MULAY is a PM favourite due to her flawless songwriting, instantly recognisable style and empowering song themes. Over the past year, the Berlin-based artist’s output has reached a new level of artistry which has now culminated in the unmissable IVORY EP. Her sophomore EP explores the artist’s journey of self-discovery as reflected in a shimmering array of R&B, alt-pop and hip-hop melange, including the sumptuous title-track ‘IVORY’.

Music and visuals are two different parts of one whole. When I write a song, I usually already have the visual in my head. You can use visuals to add different layers of meaning to what you’re trying to express and communicate the multidimensionality of emotions on that level as well, by including more than one dimension. To me it’s all connected.”

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What would our Friday playlist be without at least one club track? We’re keeping it old-school with this tasteful throwback creation from Leicester’s rising talent Indigo Kxd. ‘Sweet Love’ is flush with EQ Sweeps and slapping beats, and the producer leads us by the hand to the inevitable drop that’s perfect for ecstatically jumping around to in celebration of the weekend. This massive EDM tune is complete by Shanesa’s soulful vocal who really brings that Anita Baker energy to the track.

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‘Honeymoon Eyes’ is the newest single from the captivating London-based artist Freya Beer who incorporates all things gothic into her sound and style. This track is her most pop-leaning effort to date, partly thanks to co-producer and featured artist Tom Saint whose emotional pop vocal adds a new dimension to her noir-shadowed world. Both artists compliment one another as star-crossed lovers who are fated to break-up, although they keep resisting right throughout this bold electro-pop track.

“My new single ‘Honeymoon Eyes’ featuring Tom Saint is the perfect introduction to my next musical journey which I like to call my ‘Gothic-Disco’. The song embodies a dreamy essence but still pays homage to my “gothic-noir” which I’ve carried in my music from the beginning. The subject of the song is about being with an individual which feels too good to be true and plays a part in forbidden love.”

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When it comes to love, Bristol’s Ben Hutcheson writes with such a clean and powerful conviction in his country-meets-rock style. His emotional lyricism is put on full view in the post-breakup song ‘Need You Tonight’, written from the perspective of a lonesome individual walking the streets and lamenting over his lost love. Ben’s voice swims in nostalgic memories with a raw grit exercised through his explosive vocals.

“Need You Tonight is my song that blossomed into more than I ever felt it could have, capturing more raw emotion in it than I ever thought possible.”

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Britpop is having a bit of a revival at the moment with a spate of new bands celebrating the genre that brought us so many timeless anthems. Potentially adding to those go-to party tracks is The Horn whose new single ‘Do It Now’ is a smashing indie-rock tune with one of those choruses you just can’t get out of your head. The music video shows the band carting some big letters around London and rocking out to this exhilarating single.

“Without you always wanting it to, this song gets under the skin like a knife and stays with you for days. But really I think it expresses the frustration, which is perhaps that of not being allowed to do something, waiting in line, or just the sheer impatience of what it is to be a human being on this planet.”

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The Reading-based OSP crew are back with more of their positive thinking in new single ‘Call Me’. The acoustic guitar backed hip-hop track is a heartfelt number to let the intended listener know that they’ll also be there to discuss their worries, share a burden or given some advice. The British-style rap verses are full of tender words of friendship and loyalty, that are driven home by the subtle R&B influence, simple beats and warm guitar strings.

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‘Carry On’ is the sublime new single from singer, songwriter, musician and producer Nicki Wells in the lead up to her debut album. There’s a lovely measured pace to this track which gently unfolds with the artist’s vow-like lyrics, “when I’m frail, when I’m strong, when I’m able, when I’m weak on my feet, when I’m stable”, although these words are not intended for another, instead it’s a message from Nicki to herself. The intimate piano and delicate orchestral instrumentation is utterly spell-binding and gives even greater weight to this special message and self-love.

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A remix can make or break an artist’s reputation and that’s doubly the case when you’re approaching the perfection of a Ross From Friends track, but emerging name Brave The Storm proves that he’s got the chops with this impressive remix of original track ‘The Daisy’. It’s a wild ride full of expected twists and turns. Bubbling synths, altered vocal clips, enticing loops and shifting tempos gives the listener so much to appreciate here.

“It’s never too late to grow.”

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Next up is Munan a brand new project from South Korean-Australian artist, otherwise known as Peter Lee. Crafting his own unique blend of surf-rock enhanced with indie-pop elements. Showcasing his second offering; ‘Freak Like Me’ is a funky, indie-electro number inspired by a reel-to-reel tape machine purchase. This sophomore single comes with a comforting message that it’s ok to be a little strange!

“The main catalyst for starting the track was when I came across a reel-to-reel tape machine being sold in my area. I wanted to give my new music its own distinct sound, so I bought the tape machine and started playing with it. My friend Sterling Silver came around to my home studio and we started toying with some ideas, which ended up becoming “Freak Like Me”. Using tape to create the track was a special experience and has definitely helped me to craft my own sound as a new artist. The song is about me coming to accept that being weird is okay and that there is someone out there who will love me for who I am.”

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Last but by no means least we have Sicilian artist Melkior with lead single ‘In The Morning’ taken from his brand new EP ‘A Letter To My Next’. Adding a gorgeous European twist to his special RnB concoction, ‘In The Morning’ features perfect percussion and seamlessly controlled vocals that nestle among warming keys. All held down with a thick and incredibly groovy bass-line, this entire project is a testament to Melkior’s talent and artistry. Make sure you don’t miss this sensational EP!

“Follow your heart, take a chance on love, and put yourself out there, tell that person how much they mean to you, how you see them and what you’re feeling. Put your cards on the table. It might not work and that’s ok but you’ll be better for it. You never know, you might be surprised and it might be the best thing you have ever done.”

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