R&B newcomer Samarra Samone makes a stand with ‘No Fake Love’

Some of your favourite songs ever were not written by the performing artist themselves, but instead a talented songwriter whose name you might never hear of. Those kinds of songwriters really don’t get enough credit, so it’s a special treat when someone decides to take their original work public as is the case with Arkansas-based Samarra Samone. She’s built up a reputation writing for the likes of Marques Houston, Chrissy and J Boog, but this year, she took the leap to release music under her own name.

‘No Fake Love’ is Samarra Samone’s third single of the year and it continues her powerful message of self-love and faith. It’s a rich and inviting R&B number composed of tapping cymbals, bassy beats, winding guitar lines – all of which gives off such a serene atmosphere. Fronting the soundtrack is Samone’s honeyed vocal which walks the line between 90s R&B melodies and contemporary soul tones. She uses that effective voice to deliver words of empowerment that makes it clear that she has no time for time-wasters who would misuse her love and trust.

“No fake love simply means to protect your peace, heart, mind, and spirit from all negative people and things. taking a stand for what i will and will not allow in my life.”

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