Ireland’s best kept secret Dylan Kearns releases ‘When The Fire Stops’

There are so many songs about an igniting spark or the fiery passion or even the destructive flames, but what about the aftermath? It’s fallen to Irish singer-songwriter Dylan Kearns to unpack what happens ‘When The Fire Stops’.

Don’t let the title of this song elude you, Kearn’s sound is still a force to be reckoned with. It’s heavily laced with an 80s synth-pop aura through the punching drums, the scaling synth keys and the artist’s brooding frontman vocals. While the romantic verses and overflowing with cinematic tension akin to that retro decade’s styles, the choruses rush up towards the present with a high-class production and fast-paced vocals. This switching of pace, the picking electric guitar and the gospel-style backing vocals really are reminiscent of British superstars Jungle, or the slightly lesser-known but still very good bands like LEISURE and Metronomy.

What’s so impressive about Dylan Kearns is that he’s creating such an impactful, epic sound under his own steam as a solo artist, although credit must also go to co-writer David Curley, session musicians Joe Furlong and Cian Hanley who added their bass and drum parts, as well as guitars by Jake Curran.

For now, Dylan Kearns might be Ireland’s best kept secret, but we doubt that’ll be the case for too long.

“I think the song, for me, embodies a person, who has become detached from reality through addiction but wants to get better.”

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